The Next Great Thing: An Application Framework

Jeff Martin jeff at
Fri Feb 10 11:44:19 PST 2012

I'm working on a consumer friendly IDE and application framework for Java and JavaFX that I hope people on this list will keep their eye on. It is intended to be comprehensive and mainstream, free and initially targeted at education. Kind of FileMaker meets Eclipse/NetBeans, with iTunes elegance and sensibility, and some InterfaceBuilder, InDesign, Flash Designer, Flash-Player/Acrobat-Reader, ORM, Crystal Reports and Cloud computing thrown in.

It has a page based application player for desktop (JWS) and browser apps with page navigation, refresh and animated transitions (even the IDE is build on it), a Java source editor and rund/debug environment, a graphical UI, page and report builder (supporting JavaFX, Swing and Java2D - supporting vector graphics, animation, image effects, etc.), a graphical data table builder (with graphical data entry, data binding, an ORM system, a JSON remoting layer with adapters to save to Files, Google App Engine, JDBC and FTP), and remote repository synchronization to publish your app on the internet with 1 click.

I'm a month or two shy of a preview, but all the primary features are there. I'm a little under resourced - Oracle doesn't have a venture investment arm, does it? :-)

Jeff Martin

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