Charts: Was The Next Great Thing: An Application Framework

Sven Reimers sven.reimers at
Fri Feb 10 12:49:29 PST 2012

There are some ideas sitzung in Jira that would be good for msking Charts
even more successful, e.g. logarithmic axis and multiple y-axis..

Hope OpenJFX will be the place to make those things happen.

Am 10.02.2012 19:39 schrieb "Richard Bair" <richard.bair at>:

> > - Charts: seems like an add-on that will become something of a hassle
> for the JFX team to maintain, grow, support at the rate it will need, as
> well as adding complexity for mobile platforms (should a pie chart look the
> same on a mobile app with touch screen, no mouse over, etc).
> Different topic, but I thought this comment was interesting. Why are
> charts any different than controls? We see them as the same thing really.
> Charts are extensible -- folks can add new charts, or use the built in
> ones, exactly like controls. Both are intended to be drop-in use for
> applications. Charts are actually much more powerful than we've gotten
> credit for so far (I suspect this is because nobody has dug into them
> deeply and we've not documented a lot of the capabilities on fxexperience
> or yet).
> Richard

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