Jeff McDonald at
Sun Feb 12 21:46:14 PST 2012

Deployment is so important that I'd hope that it is at the top of the list.
For me, I've always wanted to be able to push out a single double clickable
app. No Java installs necessary. No Java version worries. As a developer I
want full control of handling the versioning dependencies in my apps
(co-bundling the JRE and all other libs and resources). I like it in part
because I can take responsibility for what I ship. Most people prefer
double clickable apps that require a one step install.

Richard has talked about possibly adding a built in updater framework (like
Sparkle <>) in JavaFX before. That would
be the ultimate combo with the double clickable app. This one should be up
there in priority with double clickable apps.

Daniel has discussed other requirements for deployment in previous
postings. Maybe this thread can be a good place to pull those ideas

Daniel Zwolenski <zonski at>  wrote:
The absolute fundamental issue that affects all platforms and for me is of
such critical importance (it is the weakness that hamstrung Swing), is the
whole deployment issue. This needs to be clean, smooth, simple. I can't
emphasize this one enough. I feel like we're going to lose the battle to
HTML5 if we don't address this issue up front and quickly (like in the next
couple of months). I don't want JFX to spend the next 10 years playing
second fiddle to crappy web-apps, like Swing has had to. Please don't make
me write more JavaScript.

For me that's what I'd like to see happen with JFX, the core libraries
focus on getting the core things really good (such as looking good, which
it most certainly has achieved, and deployment, which it most certainly
hasn't), This core then facilitates the construction of feature rich
application frameworks to solve specific domain cases for it.

Richard Bair <richard.bair at> wrote:
I think you make a very persuasive point that at this time there are app
frameworks either released (yours) or in development (Jeff Martin's) and
undoubtedly there will be more, and that perhaps we ought to spend our
energy at Oracle in solving the part of the problem that only we can solve
-- deployment and basic app lifecycle (such as is required to wire it all
up to the native OS app lifecycle stuff).

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