The Next Great Thing: An Application Framework

Michał Zegan webczat_200 at
Mon Feb 13 07:23:52 PST 2012

Actually the one thing that usually annoyed me in all that is:
There are many application frameworks working in somewhat different 
ways, I don't think it's good because you can select what fits your 
need, but you could have somewhat unspecified needs and you could have 
extreme trouble in selecting the framework that's right for you.
The fact that one framework is created for games and one for mobile apps 
is the one that's the easier to understand, but this is not so easy when 
we just select among different programming models.

Also, why wonder about what to put in the core and what to leave 
outside, if the java module system is not done?
Most useful/generic (but not only low level) things could be put in jfx 
and then split into modules when it'll be needed.
For example, many apps are made for desktops so it would be not only 
useful to create windows and controls, but also to: manage system tray, 
manage notifications (if this is not something that can't be put in the 
cross platform library), open desktop shortcuts and open files with 
their respective default associated program, optionally be able to 
manage desktop specific file attrs like icons, trash files/etc, and 
launch applications from something like the start menu.
Some of those things can be useful, and some like system tray and the 
file extensions thing are very common.

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