The Next Great Thing: An Application Framework

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Tue Feb 21 00:46:55 PST 2012


There is interest in running JavaFX with OSGi. I've written an
integration into Equinox (and it's equinox specific!).

The biggest problems I had naturally had to do with classloading but
some of them have been addressed in 2.1 because since then the
FXMLLoader allows to pass a Custom-Classloader.

My work started before one had been allowed to redistribute JavaFX with
your application which resulted in a spefic design which currently uses
Equinox specific API to make it work (maybe felix also provides such a
similar API) which can be seen as a disadvantage but also as an
advantage because:
a) I don't have to repackage/modify the original JavaFX-Binaries
b) One can use the "system packages" and does not need to redistribute
   the JavaFX binaries. The important thing is the word *can* because
   I also allow to point people to use custom JavaFX-Binary on the

>From an outside user of the whole stuff they don't see any difference
because they only specify their "import package" directives and the
wiring of the JavaFX binary is done in the background.

The problem I see with making the original source code directly OSGi
aware is that even if the Oracle team would want to do it:
a) they have to switch to OSGi to not introduce regressions or
b) we as a community have to test and fix OSGi specific problems
   which is a bit of a problem until the whole stack is opensourced
   and even its probably not easy to keep it compatible

I can offer you to add your felix integration to e(fx)clipse if you want
to. All my source code is currently provided under EPL but I'm fine
having Apache licensed code in the repo as well but having modified
JavaFX-Code in there is not possible.


Am 21.02.12 00:28, schrieb Uclio Work:
> Il 20/02/2012 16:17, Richard Bair ha scritto:
>> One thing that has been on my mind is the need to get more community
>> involvement in the form of code contributions.
> As regards the communityinvolvement, perhaps one thing that can help to
> arouse further enthusiasm is using JFX2 in a OSGi environment.
> Don't know if someone already did it and if it is of interest for you,
> but I'm currently experimenting JFX2 as an OSGi bundle in Apache Felix
> and it seems to work very well... "so far". In truth, I had to decompile
> and slightly modify all NativeLibLoader classes for that, as well as put
> in place some other little trick, but in the end I think that the
> changes are not that much invasive and, most of all, they don't alter
> the original logic of the classes.
> Anyone wishing more details can contact me via the list, of course.
> However I'd like to publish somewhere a post with all details as soon as
> I have some spare time.
> Lucio Biondi (from the Germany's exciting capital)

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