The Next Great Thing: An Application Framework

Uclio Work at
Tue Feb 21 02:03:32 PST 2012

Hi Tom,

Il 21/02/2012 09:46, Tom Schindl ha scritto:
> The problem I see with making the original source code directly OSGi
> aware is that even if the Oracle team would want to do it:
> a) they have to switch to OSGi to not introduce regressions or
> b) we as a community have to test and fix OSGi specific problems
>     which is a bit of a problem until the whole stack is opensourced
>     and even its probably not easy to keep it compatible
Why switching to OSGi ? No need IMHO. You can make JFX OSGi-aware pretty 
easily repackaging it by yourself with BND or inside a pom while 
building your app.

Of course, I do not intend redistribute a modified JFX runtime. As the 
classes involved have not open sourced yet, Ihope the JFX team 
implements my suggestion, as in a real community should always happen 
;-) . As i said, the change is not invasive. It would be enough to check 
the existence of a property- kind of "javafx.library.path". Then you can 
force loading any native lib in your own BundleActivator implementation.

If present and not null libraries get loaded from the that path, 
otherwise they keep followingthe current approach. That's all.


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