Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Sun Feb 26 15:53:18 PST 2012

I'd also like to add my vote to fixing the deployment issues.

I haven't yet been able to run a javafx applet or webstart on a first try.
Its always broken somehow telling me javafx isn't installed when it is or
presenting me with some security issue that I had already answered to, etc.

Even posts on semi official sites like fxexperience have broken applets,
and it's not just me complaining I see other users having the same issues.

I consider myself a very educated user on this subject, I have javafx
installed, I create javafx apps that I publish to other users and still am
getting issues with running javafx apps. Imagine what troubles, regular
user might have...

Another issue that has been mentioned and that I also find important is
providing an easy way in which developers can create installers that check
and resolve common issues like: no java installed, in the most user
friendly way. I speculate that this will probably be the most used way of
distributing an app and there is no documentation nor framework to help
address this.

Cheers, and thanks, keep up the great work

Pedro Duque Vieira

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