State of the Release (2.1)

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Feb 29 15:21:42 PST 2012

Hi Everybody!

Today we hit another milestone along the way to the 2.1 release. Yesterday we integrated the various forests (graphics, controls, media, deploy) into master and today the 2.1 b15 release is either already out or being built. The sources for the week have already been pushed into the 2.1 open jfx repo. With this build we've started "high resistance" (well, more like medium resistance), where any documentation fixes and tests can be added as you like, but all bug fixes (and features) have to go through "bug court", which we hold pretty regularly (first one in a day or two). At bug court the developer has to make a case for why the bug ought to go into 2.1, mention the risks, mitigating factors, etc. Which is all to say we're on target for our 2.1 release sometime in April.

If you look at the OpenJFX 2.1 Dashboard[1] (hopefully you all can see that!) you will notice that we have 124 issues still pending for this release, and that there have been 604 issues filed and 891 resolved in 2.1 thus far. Although I expect we will see at least half of these 124 pending issues fixed in 2.1, some of these issues will undoubtedly be postponed as optimistic scheduling yields to an ever shrinking days remaining :-).

Some time in late March we'll enter "Intergalactic High Resistance" as Steve might say :-), which is where fixes only go in that are crucial for the release, everything else going into 2.2.

Because we've entered high resistance and not all teams have bugs for 2.1 (SceneGraph for example has only 4[2]), we're also opening up the 2.2 repos. We will refrain from major refactoring in those repos until 2.1 is finished (to avoid merge headaches), but otherwise the repos are open for business, including feature work going into 2.2.

With 2.2 we're going to create 3 different forests: master, controls, and graphics. As with the 2.1 master, the 2.2 master will be updated generally once a week. However the controls and graphics 2.2 forests will eventually be "live" with all real development hitting those forests immediately. For controls this is likely to happen before graphics, since there remain a substantial amount of code to open source that the graphics team works on, and avoiding build breakage would caution us to only push fixes out as quickly as the weekly binary plugs are provided.

Finally, with b15 the javafx Charts package is now open source! You can check out the sources in the usual place. The name of the project is javafx-ui-charts.




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