Two ChoiceBox API additions

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Thu Jan 12 03:50:33 PST 2012

Might I suggest now when rethinking that passing a StringConverter is
wrong and it should be CallBack<T,String>?

So my suggested API:

labelCallbackProperty: Callback<T,String>

it simply isn't a a converter because you never use it for String => Object.


Am 12.01.12 09:52, schrieb Tom Schindl:
> Hi Jonathan (now with the list included),
> Exactly this Text-Example made me think that the converter you are
> setting here is something different!
> The "converter" you are passing here is more a kind of label provider
> (this term is borrowed from SWT/JFace). Naming it labelConverter btw
> still leaves room for an imageConverter (though as discussed in the bug
> Richard thought ChoiceBox is not the right UI-Control I'm still not so
> sure about that).
> I think the term converter should only be used if to* and from* are used
> but that's maybe just me.
> I'm not sure on this one now but couldn't one think about providing a
> label converter to all structured controls (combobox, list, table, ...)
> and then it suddenly once more gets a well known concept.
> Tom
> Am 12.01.12 09:15, schrieb Jonathan Giles:
>> The reason why it is named 'converter' is for consistency across the
>> API. The intention is that future controls may also have a converter
>> that is a StringConverter. Already ComboBox has this API (but of course
>> uses both toString(..) and fromString(..), which ChoiceBox does not).
>> I can see your thinking behind the name - it is more specifically what
>> it is - but at the same time I personally like the improved discovery
>> (and lessened mental overhead) of using consistent API naming.
>> What do others think?
>> -- Jonathan
>> On Thursday, 12 January 2012 8:40:41 p.m., Tom Schindl wrote:
>>> Am 12.01.12 00:59, schrieb Paru Somashekar:
>>>> The controls team is planning to add 2 new APIs to ChoiceBox control.
>>>> They are :-
>>>> 1. valueProperty : (getValue(), setValue() and valueProperty())
>>>> The value of a ChoiceBox is defined as the selected item in the
>>>> ChoiceBox selection model. The valueProperty is synchronized with the
>>>> selectedItem, in that when a user sets the value property the selected
>>>> item/index is updated accordingly. And when selection changes, the value
>>>> property also reflects the change. This property allows for
>>>> bi-directional binding of external properties to the ChoiceBox and
>>>> updates the selection model accordingly.
>>>> 2. converterProperty : (getConverter(), setConverter(),
>>>> converterProperty())
>>> Wouldn't it better named labelConverterProperty?
>>> Tom

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