2.1/master/rt changesets and build breakages

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Sat Jan 21 11:45:45 PST 2012

We are busy getting ready to open source more of the runtime starting in 
early February. Once this happens, the current approach of pushing 
changesets directly to the openjfx repository from the controls forest 
will cause the builds to break with increasing regularity. We're 
effectively treating the current 2.1/master repository as if it were the 
controls team forest, which will no longer work.

As a result, we are soon going to do what we probably should have done 
all along: the 2.1/master forest will be just that, the master forest 
and only get updated once per week when we push out a new weekly build. 
This will keep things stable and in sync as we fix bugs and wind down 
the 2.1 release.

For 2.2, we will set things up so we actually have a separate controls 
and graphics team forest on openjfx, along with master:


We expect to create 2.2 repositories around the beginning of March.

Controls and graphics will be for those folks who want to live on the 
bleeding edge, while master will be the stable source base. As even more 
source code becomes open source in 2.2 there will be less and less 
reliance on the binary jfxrt.jar (until such time as that dependency 
disappears altogether).

-- Kevin

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