Backwards compatibility and auto updates

Gaja Sutra gajasutra at
Fri Jan 27 06:19:41 PST 2012

> My assumption was that if you cobundle FX with your app, then you have control. True, that may also require cobundling the JRE so as not to use the system JRE. But to be honest, I'd do it that way anyhow because the JRE isn't 100% backwards compatible from release to release either.
> What I think would be ideal is for there to be a Sparkle like framework for Java, such that you can get the patch-in place auto-upgrade and so forth for an app written in Java, cobundled with the JRE + FX.
If we use a private JRE/JavaFX cobundled, can we reduce size of 
Java/JavaFX runtime (then global installer) with Proguard + Pack200?

Currently, this is not allowed by Oracle Binary Code License:
(i) you distribute the Redistributables complete and unmodified, and 
only bundled as part of Programs, [...]


NB: When I go at JavaFX documentation and try to read the README for 
knowing optional parts, like in JRE, I don't find JavaFX 2.0.2 README 
(only not redistributable 2.0!):
It would be an useful add, at least for JavaFX 2.1.

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