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Thanks for the information I will be catching up on this. I am in complete agreement, to the greatest extent possible JavaFX should leverage the technology that already is used throughout the Java world such that it is part of a cohesive story rather than a silo'd technology. Reusing Bean Validation seems like a logical thing to pursue.


On Jun 27, 2012, at 1:59 PM, Gunnar Morling wrote:

> Hi all,
> first off, sorry for arriving that late to the party, I just stumbled
> upon this thread by a post in the Bean Validation feedback forum [1].
> I'm member of the JSR 349 (BV 1.1) expert group and also committing to
> the BV reference implementation, Hibernate Validator. Therefore I'm
> very interested in the topic of integrating JavaFX with BV and just
> wanted to add some thoughts from my side :)
> Reading through this thread, I saw the question whether BV might be
> somehow dead or inactive. Please rest assured that this is absolutely
> not the case. BV 1.0 is part of JEE 6 and as such is widely used in
> enterprise applications. Currently we're working on BV 1.1 which is
> intended to be part of JEE 7. See [2] for the roadmap. One general
> theme is the integration with other specs (CDI, JAX-RS etc.), and I
> feel Bean Validation would also be very valuable to be used together
> with JavaFX.
> As someone already pointed out, BV is explicitly not targeting a
> single application layer but is intended to be used in all places
> where validation is required (persistence, service, frontend layer
> etc.). It is also not restricted to the server side or Java EE, it
> runs perfectly on the client and Java SE (and in fact is used in GUI
> technologies such as JSF or GWT etc). So personally, I'd be a strong
> proponent for making use of BV for validation purposes in JavaFX. IMO
> using the same validation facility throughout all application layers
> makes developer life easier, avoids redundancies and inconsistencies
> etc.
> That said, I've actually played around a bit with integrating JavaFX
> and BV a while ago, the result can be found at [3] (have a look at the
> readme and the contained example application [4]). Back then, I didn't
> pursue the idea any further, but the project shows that BV can easily
> be used for validation with JavaFX.
> In case there are any questions around Bean Validation, please don't
> hesitate to contact the BV EG [5]. The Hibernate Validator reference
> guide [6] can serve as good introduction to the API and its
> possibilities. Also let us know if there are certain things missing,
> which would be beneficial for the JavaFX use case. I'll also point the
> BV EG and its spec lead, Emmanuel Bernard, to this thread.
> With best regards,
> --Gunnar
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]

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