MouseEvent dragX and dragY

Pavel Safrata pavel.safrata at
Wed Jul 4 04:47:52 PDT 2012

it was removed based on a request from our architects: The dragX, dragY, 
dragAnchorX, and dragAnchorY were added to MouseEvent way back in the 
1.0 days as an attempt to do some of the book keeping necessary for 
handling simple "dragging the node around" type of support. But as it 
turns out, none of these four properties are actually useful for that 
use case. The simplest code is to not use them, just record the location 
at which the press occurred prior to the drag as well as the origin of 
the node being dragged, and then place the node at the new location 
during the drag event. We could add something back in later to make this 
use case easier, but for now, it is better to omit API.

If I remember correctly there was one more reason for the removal - to 
report the values in transformed node's coordinates, the logic was 
really complex and used values stored to all nodes which was pretty ugly 
and non-effective, so this feature would need a complete rewrite anyway.

There is already an open issue that requests to reintroduce the fields - 
I'm considering your email as a vote in favor of this issue:

With regards,

On 4.7.2012 3:05, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Hi,
> I just remembered to ask  why where dragX and dragY properties removed from
> MouseEvent. I believe they stopped existing when the migration javafx 1.3
> -> javafx 2 occurred.
> They where good additions that helped remove some boiler plate code.
> Thanks, best regards,

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