Deployment: native application bundles

Jose Martinez jmartine_1026 at
Wed Jul 4 11:52:21 PDT 2012

That worked!  Thank you for the help.

Do you know how we set the icon file?

In the template.iss file how are those values passed (THE_ALL_CAP_ONES) to Inno?


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On 7/4/12 9:27 AM, Jose Martinez wrote: 
>I installed Inno Setup but I still get the following error.....
>[Can not find Inno Setup Compiler (iscc.exe).]  Any idea how this I can fix this?
Make sure Inno Setup folder (typically it is "c:\Program Files\Inno Setup 5") is added to your path before you run ant.
To verify it is ok simply try to run 
from command line before you run ant or javafxpackager.
Command should be found. Otherwise packager will not be able to find


>feedback:  Was able to create the bundled jre with executable and it worked fine.  Not bad at all.  I been using Install4j, which is a $2000 application, to do my packaging (still using trial version).  So if this works it will save me a lot of money.  :-)

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