Deployment: native application bundles

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Wed Jul 4 14:54:39 PDT 2012

Thanks again.  Will digest all this new info.


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On 7/4/12 11:49 AM, Jose Martinez wrote: 
That worked!  Thank you for the help.
>Do you know how we set the icon file?
Icon file for the installer?

I'll be posting details on configuration options but here are few
    hints for you to explore.

1) Many of existing options to JavaFX ant tasks make sense for
    native bundles.
    See RT-22889 and
    Specifically you can add icon as fx:fileset of type icon

    Note that this is easy but will also impact other packages as
    same icon may be used for other things.
    And if same build.xml is used crossplatform you may need
    different icon files (.ico on Windows but .icns on Mac)

2) Add verbose="true" to the fx:deploy task.
    It will print out locations where you can drop resources to
    override icons and some scripts.
    You need to be add "." to the classpath when you are loading
    definitions of ant tasks
      (if you are using NB and it is not latest 7.2 build then you
    may need to edit jfx-impl.xml for this).

   Download latest javafx samples drop and try to build native
    bundles for Ensemble. 
   It uses this approach to add custom icons, etc.

I hope to post more details on configuration options soon but here
    are few hints for you.

In the template.iss file how are those values passed (THE_ALL_CAP_ONES) to Inno?
You can deeply customize it by providing your own .iss file. 
See verbose="true" output.



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