Font anti-aliasing fixes not available on Linux?

Phil Race philip.race at
Fri Jul 6 20:06:57 PDT 2012

Its no different on Linux than any other platform meaning that if your 
cannot support the hardware accelerated Prism stack that you will not 
get LCD text.
It works just fine and dandy for me on a rather old (3-4 yrs) Dell PC 
with Ubuntu 11.10.
But on Linux the whole h/w accelerated stack is unavailable unless you have
Nvidia graphics and the right drivers etc.


On 7/6/12 5:17 PM, Daniel Opitz wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using the current developer build (2.2 b15) and I'm wondering if 
> the sub-pixel anti-aliasing is enabled on Linux too? I can change the 
> hinting (none, slight, medium, full) and anti-aliasing (none, 
> grayscale, rgba) system-wide and everything but JavaFX looks really 
> nice with the slight/rgba setting.
> Kind regards,
> Daniel Opitz

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