Access to Axis of a Slider

Simon Ritter simon.ritter at
Sun Jul 8 13:55:38 PDT 2012

OK, but if the Axis object is not exposed, there still needs to be a way 
to programmatically change at least the fill colour of the tick marks 
and tick mark labels, yes?



> I disagree to expose the Axis object!
> I think it is the wrong decision anyways to reuse the axis object in a
> Control. The reason I would change that is that if you want to split up
> FX into modules i think the control module should be independent of the
> chart module (and most likely it should be the other way round as well).
> Tom
> Am 08.07.12 10:09, schrieb Simon Ritter:
>> > Hi,
>> > I've built a UI that puts a slider on a black background with tick marks
>> > and tick mark labels enabled.  Given the dark grey colour they are
>> > almost invisible.  It seems the only way to change this is via CSS
>> > through the -fx-tick-label-fill property.  It strikes me that the Slider
>> > class should expose the encapsulated Axis object so that the properties
>> > of the Axis can be changed programmatically.
>> > 
>> > Regards,
>> > 
>> > Simon.

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