Jose Martinez jmartine_1026 at
Tue Jul 10 17:00:21 PDT 2012

Have not had much luck setting the application executable's icon.  No matter what I try I keep getting this msg...

"Using default package resource [application icon] (add package/windows/TurretMaster.ico to the class path to customize)"

I tried using both fx:icon and fx:fileset but neither work.  Fx:fileset at least puts the icon in the 'app' directory.

Here are the ant commands I am using (arrows added to point out the two icon lines)...
    <target name="-post-jfx-deploy">    
        <fx:deploy width="${}" height="${}" 
                   nativeBundles="all" verbose="true"
                   outdir="${basedir}/${dist.dir}" outfile="${application.title}">
            <fx:application name="${application.title}" mainClass="${javafx.main.class}"/>
                <fx:fileset dir="${basedir}/${dist.dir}" includes="${application.title}.jar"/>
-->                <fx:fileset dir="${basedir}" includes="${application.title}.ico"/>              
            <fx:info title="${application.title}" vendor="${application.vendor}">
-->                <fx:icon href="${basedir}/${application.title}.ico" /> 

Was able to get the installation executable to have the correct icon but in a round about way.... had to prevent the ant script from launching Inno setup then I put in the correct icon and launched Inno Setup's compile myself.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 5:07 PM
Subject: Ant-Task-Documentation

I'm just working on IDE support for fx-ant tasks but the documentation
for things like fx:icon and fx:splash is a bit sparse (see

The biggest mystery for me what effect fx:icon what width/height/depth
combination are expected to be set?

An educated guess from my eclipse applications is:
16x16 8bit
16x16 32bit
32x32 8bit
32x32 32bit
48x48 8bit
48x48 32bit
256x256 32bit

What are the icons used for (where do they show up)? What are the
supported formats (guess is png,jpg,gif)?


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