Scene Builder and <fx:root>

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Thu Jul 12 09:58:26 PDT 2012

On 12.07.2012 18:10, Greg Brown wrote:
> The docs were updated fairly recently. If they haven't made it into
> the latest beta, they should definitely be there for the final
> release.

I was referring to the FXML introduction which is (of course) still on 
2.1 level. If there is an updated document for 2.2 I did not see it (and 
also cannot check now because of network problems).

> I'm not sure what level of support SB offers for fx:root right now,
> but the idea is that you would use it as follows:
> <fx:root fx:type="javafx.scene.layout.BorderPane"> … </fx:root>
> The fx:type attribute tells SB what type of element to expect. Later,
> when you load the document using FXMLLoader, you'll provide a
> concrete subclass of the specified type.

Thank you - that works perfectly. My error was to use the custom type 
for fx:type, not BorderPane (etc). But then I could only guess what to 
use ;-)


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