JFrame as Stage.owner?

Anthony Petrov anthony.petrov at oracle.com
Fri Jul 13 03:58:49 PDT 2012

Hi Werner,

This is not currently possible. The solution you describe at the end of 
your message is the way to go (ie using a JFXPanel embedded into a JDialog).

best regards,

On 7/12/2012 10:06 PM, Werner Lehmann wrote:
> Stage can have an owner which is important for modality and z-order 
> between windows. Is there a way to use a Swing JFrame as owner with 
> similar or same semantics?
> This is for a Swing app whose parts are to be replaced with new JavaFX 
> code, usually with JFXPanel. Now I would like to replace a modeless 
> Swing dialog window with its FX counterpart. But how would that Stage be 
> always on top of its "owner" - the Swing mainframe / JFrame?
> The only alternative I am seeing is to continue using JDialog etc with 
> embedded JFXPanels until the whole application (the mainframe!) is 
> converted to FX. This will take years and may never happen because there 
> is at least one highly specialized 3rd party Swing control which I 
> cannot put into a FX Scene node graph.

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