Classpath-relative URLs in CSS

Werner Lehmann lehmann at
Fri Jul 13 06:28:25 PDT 2012


here is another problem with image url resolving in CSS. I observed this 
before as quoted below but would like to give it a little more focus now.

Consider the following project structure (in Eclipse):

Project 1

Project 2 (inherits classpath from Project 1)

In sheet1.css I can access the image with something like 
url("../images/logo.jpg"). The problem is, I cannot do the same in 
sheet2.css: the image won't be found. As a consequence it is hard or 
impossible to share resources with other projects.

I am guessing that the relative URL is processed with URI.resolve or 
something like that. Is it possible to use the classloader instead, or 
will this be included anyway with RT-21967?



On 31.05.2012 19:42, Werner Lehmann wrote:
> Also, it does not seem to work with resources inherited from a
> dependency project (might be an Eclipse issue but I suppose it would
> work if the class loader was used).

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