Affine transforms - matrix algebra

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at
Mon Jul 16 04:17:28 PDT 2012

Hello Pavel

Thanks for the update. All the methods sound fine to me :-). There is 
some very minor observations:

Le 16/07/12 13:00, Pavel Safrata a écrit :
> public double get(int col, int row)
Should the parameter order follows the convention in matrix indices, 
which is (row, column)?

>     public double[] toArray(MatrixArrayType type)
>         // Transform.MatrixArrayType is an enum { MAT_2x3, MAT_3x4, 
> MAT_4x4 }
>         // Returns array of length 6, 12, 16, respectively
Should we provide also a MAT_3x3 enum (array of length 9) for 
consistency with MAT_4x4?

> public double[] toArray(MatrixArrayType type, double[] array)
>         // Similar to the above, just uses the passed array if it is 
> big enough
If this method accept null array, maybe we could omit 
toArray(MatrixArrayType type) in order to simplify a little bit the API?


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