Affine transforms - matrix algebra

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at
Tue Jul 17 11:44:34 PDT 2012

Hello Graham

My interpretation was that Java2D/Postscript/HTML5 "translate" and 
"scale" were designed the way they are not because there is a "right" 
and "wrong" views, but simply because they were the most frequently used 
ways. At least in the code a saw and wrote, Java2D concatenate-like 
operations were quite more frequent than preConcatenate-like operations.

I think we would still have used the "translate" and "scale" names if 
they were available. But since we have to find other names, what else 
can we use?


Le 17/07/12 20:20, Jim Graham a écrit :
> I think we disagree as to what "translate then scale" means.  To me, 
> it is ambiguously referring to two totally different outcomes which 
> depend on your perspective as "translate me and then scale me" or 
> "translate that thing and then scale it".  There is no "right and 
> wrong" and any discussion that uses those words is simply burying 
> their head in their own default interpretation and ignoring that 
> people see things differently.
> Similarly with append and prepend - they do not remove the ambiguity, 
> they simply provide a name for it.  If you think the "translate" and 
> "scale" names from 2D worked opposite from your default view (which 
> you may not realize was just one of 2 possible views, there is no 
> right or wrong), then append does not explicitly resolve the issue - 
> it is just as ambiguous as your existing "my view was right and 
> someone else got it wrong" mistaken impression.
> The only way that "append" can be interpreted unambiguously from the 
> current FX context is if it works as if one appended some Transform 
> nodes to the list in Node's "getTransforms()" List<Transform>, but 
> even that may not match another engineer's default interpretation.  
> That is the only definition we currently have of append in the current 
> set of APIs.  If your append* methods will work differently than that 
> interpretation then you are creating an inconsistency.  (Note that 
> ObservableList.add is consistent with List.add which defines the 
> operation as "append" so the order implied by that term has already 
> been spoken for.)
> Note that Java2D didn't invent its interpretation of what it means to 
> "translate(), then scale()" - we are doing the same thing that 
> PostScript did which predates any of this by a few years.  We also 
> happen to be doing the same thing that the latest transform standard 
> for the web is doing - HTML5 Canvas/GraphicsContext...
>             ...jim

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