Transform point using localToSceneTransform

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Mon Jul 23 07:30:20 PDT 2012


Thanks for the info Pavel, I'll be using the internal method for now than.

I thought I would try to help out and post some other suggestions for the
transform class. I have read this discussion but not with the necessary
attention so apologies if I mention something that has already been
discussed, or bring up discussion topics that have already reached a

1-  public Vector3D transform(Vector3D point)

This implies having a Vector class which I think is appropriate. Vector
objects may be used to represent translation, surface normals, pick rays,
or other things

2- I don't like the append, prepend naming for the following reason: are
you adding or subtracting or multiplying,.. matrixs? I suggest "multiply"
as the name of the method.

3- public double determinant()
Calculates and returns the determinant of this transform

4- public boolean equals(Transform t)

5- invert()
 Inverts this transform in place

6- multiply(double scalar)
Multiplies each element of this transform by a scalar.

7- subtract(Transform t)
substracts this matrix with matrix t

8- add(Transform t)
adds this matrix with matrix t

9- transpose()
Transposes this matrix

Thanks, best regards,

> currently there is no API for this. It is planned for the 3.0 release
> (together with other matrix algebra operations - thanks for reminding me
> by the way). So right now you unfortunately need to do the math yourself.
> Regards,
> Pavel
> P.S. I didn't tell you this but as a temporary workaround you can use an
> undocumented internal (but publicly accessible) method
> impl_transform(Point3D). Please note that this method will be removed in
> the next version (with the addition of the proper public methods).
> On 21.7.2012 0:02, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I need to transform a point using the localToSceneTransform of a node,
> > however I don't see any method on Transform class to accomplish this.
> > Is there an easy way or do I have to do the math myself?
> >
> > Thanks, best regards,
> >

Pedro Duque Vieira

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