Affine transforms - matrix algebra

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at
Mon Jul 23 08:28:31 PDT 2012

Le 23/07/12 17:14, Pavel Safrata a écrit :
> The purpose of this discussion is for users to have all needed math in 
> our transformations so they don't need to use other transformation 
> libraries to do the basic math. An FX application will (and should) 
> use FX transforms and they should provide all the necessary features; 
> mixing the FX code with J2D transforms, that are unusable with our 
> nodes, is not a nice thing to do. So if we don't provide the 2D case 
> here, we need to have different reason :-)

This is fair. I'm neutral on this issue, since we are likely to have 
non-JavaFX transforms (map projections) in the mix anyway...

>> Does JavaFX plans to support big geometries someday? For example 
>> world-wide coast lines, in which case using 'float' instead of 
>> 'double' make a huge difference on memory usage?
> I'm afraid I don't see the big picture here. But maybe we can leave 
> the 'float' variants out for now (we can always add them later).

I agree.

> I agree that it sounds good to leave the door to hw acceleration open. 
> For start it may be enough to just mention that possibility in the 
> documentation, without specifying the exact error range. Vast majority 
> of users won't probably be very concerned about invisible value nuances.

Yes I agree too.



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