API REVIEW: WebView.scale property (for JavaFX 3.0 now)

John C. Turnbull ozemale at ozemail.com.au
Mon Jul 23 10:53:20 PDT 2012

Just "zoomProperty" sounds right but, as I said, I think it should be at
Node level so that other node types can use it too, especially ImageView and
graphics nodes.  It should zoom the contents only (not the scroll bars
though the latter should update accordingly to reflect the changes in the
dimensions of the content and the new relative position).


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On 07/20/12 20:14, Leonid Popov wrote:
> It sounds reasonable, assuming that scaleX/scaleY have slightly 
> different semantics (they apply to the whole view, including 
> scrollbars, while the proposed property should affect WebView contents 
> only). Any other opinions on scale vs. zoom?

I named it scaleProperty for consistency as we already had
fontScaleProperty. OTOH I agree 'zoom' may sound more familiar and intuitive
than 'scale'. I don't have strong preference now.

Should we name it just zoomProperty, or maybe zoomFactorProperty? Native
speakers please advise!


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