Transform point using localToSceneTransform

Pavel Safrata pavel.safrata at
Tue Jul 24 03:26:54 PDT 2012

On 23.7.2012 16:58, Martin Desruisseaux wrote:
> Le 23/07/12 16:51, Pavel Safrata a écrit :
>>> 1-  public Vector3D transform(Vector3D point)
>>> This implies having a Vector class which I think is appropriate. Vector
>>> objects may be used to represent translation, surface normals, pick 
>>> rays,
>>> or other things
>> Is the existing Point3D not sufficient?
> Just for information purpose, I interpret this request as functionally 
> equivalent to the current "deltaTransform" method in Java2D 
> AffineTransform. Transforming a vector is like transforming a points 
> without the translation terms. They are used for transforming 
> distances between points rather than the points directly.
> Whatever it is useful enough is another question. On my side, my usage 
> of AffineTransform2D.deltaTransform has been very rare. But when this 
> need arise it is useful.

Thanks for clarifying. I've also seen a few cases where deltaTransform 
was useful. It may be a good thing to have after all.
Whether as deltaTransform(Point3D) or transform(Vector3D) I'm going to 
discuss in my next email.


>     Martin

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