API REVIEW: WebView.scale property (for JavaFX 3.0 now)

Leonid Popov leonid.popov at oracle.com
Tue Jul 24 07:13:02 PDT 2012

So, here's a proposed API change for WebView with zoom instead of scale:

class javafx.scene.web.WebView {
* Zoom factor applied to the Web page. The zoom affects logical bounds
* of the Web page, but not bounds of the {@code WebView} node.
* @defaultValue 1.0
public final void setZoom(double value);
public final double getZoom();
public DoubleProperty zoomProperty();

If no objections come, I'll prepare a changeset soon.


On 7/23/2012 10:25 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> Kirill already answered the question of its being a node property:  
> Node already has xScale and yScale properties...this is something 
> subtly different.
> I think either zoom or zoomFactor would be fine (I would note that 
> zoom is shorter, so might be better if it won't be confusing).
> -- Kevin
> John C. Turnbull wrote:
>> Just "zoomProperty" sounds right but, as I said, I think it should be at
>> Node level so that other node types can use it too, especially ImageView and
>> graphics nodes.  It should zoom the contents only (not the scroll bars
>> though the latter should update accordingly to reflect the changes in the
>> dimensions of the content and the new relative position).
>> -jct
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>> On 07/20/12 20:14, Leonid Popov wrote:
>>> It sounds reasonable, assuming that scaleX/scaleY have slightly
>>> different semantics (they apply to the whole view, including
>>> scrollbars, while the proposed property should affect WebView contents
>>> only). Any other opinions on scale vs. zoom?
>> I named it scaleProperty for consistency as we already had
>> fontScaleProperty. OTOH I agree 'zoom' may sound more familiar and intuitive
>> than 'scale'. I don't have strong preference now.
>> Should we name it just zoomProperty, or maybe zoomFactorProperty? Native
>> speakers please advise!
>> Thanks!
>> --
>> Peter

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