JavaFX nodes getting desynced

Lubomir Nerad lubomir.nerad at
Wed Jul 25 07:50:33 PDT 2012

Hi Sebastian,

from my investigation it seems that your problem is another 
manifestation of the RT-23351 bug 
( I wasn't able to 
reproduce the problem on the runtime from the JavaFX 3.0 repository 
where the bug was fixed. To double-check you can try to use FixedGroup 
(or similarly patched layout containers) from Workaround.diff (attached 
to the RT-23351).


On 7/25/2012 2:23 PM, Sebastian Rheinnecker wrote:
> Hi,
> we experience a strange bug when using a custom animation in which the 
> nodes of the SceneGraph are not really at the position they are meant 
> to be (or there at all).
> I posted the detailled description in the OTN forums including a link 
> to the application and screencasts to point out the bug:
> We'd be very glad if someone from the dev team could point us to 
> something helpful.
> kind regards,

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