API REVIEW: move com.sun.javafx.css.StyleManager to javafx.scene.StyleManager

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at oracle.com
Wed Jul 25 13:05:36 PDT 2012

Personally I have no issue with doing this (StyleManager on Scene and 
Parent), but then I do not own these two classes. I do have a few 
questions though:

1) How does this impact any future APIs to support programmatic CSS 
access (i.e. Java API to get/set/observe CSS property values)?

2) In general we try not to have getters/setters when the object is not 
being exposed as a full property - but I guess it makes no sense to 
allow people to set or observe changes to the StyleManager field?

3) I know I could dive into the code, but what is the difference between 
setDefaultUserAgentStylesheet and addDefaultUserAgentStylesheet? Are 
both necessary?

-- Jonathan

On 26/07/2012 5:15 a.m., David Grieve wrote:
> Background:
> This request is related to http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-23460. StyleManager's job it is to keep track of stylesheets, manage the cascade, and create StyleHelpers for nodes. StyleHelper is the code that applies css styles to nodes.
> Currently, there StyleManager is a singleton but it can manage stylesheets from many different scenes. To do this, it maintains a table that maps Scene to a StylesheetContainer which contains the list of declarations from all the stylesheets associated with the scene. RT-23460 seeks to eliminate the lookup of Scene to StylesheetContainer. One such way to do this is for Scene to own its StylesheetContainer, as is proposed in the bug report. Another way is to have Scene own its own StyleManager. This latter approach is preferred (well, by me at least) since it greatly reduces the complexity of StyleManager and makes other optimizations possible.
> Proposed changes:
> I propose adding a StyleManager member to Scene and moving StyleManager to the javafx.scene package as an abstract class with the minimum required public API.
> Scene would add:
>      private final StyleManger styleManager;
>      public final StyleManager getStyleManager()
> Because Scene would have public API that returns a StyleManager, StyleManager itself needs to be public API and would need to be moved from com.sun.javafx.css to javafx.scene
> I propose StyleManager's public API as:
> public abstract StyleHelper getStyleHelper(Node node)
> public final ObservableList<String> getStylesheets() -- the list of stylesheet URL strings for the Scene. Scene's getStylesheets() method would simply return styleManager.getStylesheets()
> public void setDefaultUserAgentStylesheet(String url)
> public final void addDefaultUserAgentStylesheet(String url) -- support Controls that have their own UA stylesheet, plus adding UA stylesheets for embedded
> public final List<String> getUserAgentStylesheets() - return immutable list of UA stylesheet URL strings
> Note that StyleManager returns a StyleHelper. Hence, StyleHelper would also need to be part of the public API. There are only two methods in StyleManager that need to be exposed
> public abstract void transitionToState() - this method is called from Node when css needs to be applied
> public abstract boolean isPseudoclassUsed(String pseudoclass) - this method is also called from node to determine whether or not the node's pseudo-class state would cause css to be applied
> Note that neither the proposed StyleManager API nor the StyleHelper API pull in any other API not already part of the public API.
> Having Scene own a StyleManager also has the benefit of being able to avoid looking up the parent chain to see if the scene's window is a popup or not. That logic can be moved to the constructor. With this change, StyleManager can be further streamlined by eliminating the StylesheetContainer (StylesheetContainer gets moved into the body of the StyleManagerImpl) and the defaultContainer.
> Further, since a Parent can also have stylesheets, I also propose adding StyleManager to Parent with the same API as in Scene.
>      private final StyleManger styleManager;
>      public final StyleManager getStyleManager()
> This will help eliminate the parent stylesheet lookup that currently happens in StylesheetContainer.
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