Transform point using localToSceneTransform

Kirill.Prazdnikov kirill.prazdnikov at
Thu Jul 26 01:10:51 PDT 2012

On 26.07.2012 10:20, Pavel Safrata wrote:
> Exactly, I think the point is that 'point' is not 'vector' regardless 
> of what workarounds we introduce in method naming and documentation. 
> Those methods would look really weird on Point. 

Both are from the same R3 space, right ?

And we can add them together :
  Vector speed, position;
   position += time * speed;

I vote for Jim`s approach.

If a transform is { M3x3 + Translate }, them
  - transformPoint (normal transform) would be { P*M3x3 + Translate }
  - transformVector (delta transform) would be { P*M3x3 }


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