problem with PathTransition causing flickering of its Node

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Jun 1 08:14:39 PDT 2012

Yes, adding it to vm args is correct.

-- Kevin

Jose Martinez wrote:
> Kevin,
> Thanks for the quick response.  I just tested that out and it still 
> occurs.  I'll run some more tests to verify if the rate of occurrence 
> of it has changed.  Just to be sure I did this right let me confirm... 
> in Netbeans I added that argument to the VM options and it showed up 
> in the JNLP file in the value of java-vm-args.
> jose
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> One thing to try: can you run it with "-Dprism.dirtyopts=false" and see
> if the problem persists?
> In any case, please file a JIRA bug against the "Animation" component.
> -- Kevin
> Jose Martinez wrote:
> > In the project (a video game) I am working on I use a lot of 
> PathTransitions to move enemy units across the map. I am noticing 
> flickering of the Nodes in the PathTransitions. By flickering I mean 
> they lose and gain visibility. It does not happen all the time. The 
> paths are pretty simple Shapes... straight lines. I am using 
> Orthogonal orientation.
> >
> > here are some things I have noticed....
> >
> > 1) There is an increase in flickering occurring when there is a lot 
> happening on the screen.
> > 2) There is an increase in flickering when the PathTransition's Node 
> is moving over another Node.
> > 3) Points 1 and 2 might be related or have the same root cause but 
> its hard to tell.
> > 4) If I change the rate of PathTransition to a low number (so that 
> the Node is moving really slow) then the Node just becomes non-visible 
> (cant see it on the screen) yet it is there because the projectiles in 
> the game that are shooting the Nodes are in fact striking them, so you 
> can tell that the Node is in fact moving along the path but just not 
> visible.  UPDATE:  This also happens when moving at non-slow regular 
> rate as I found out last night.
> > 6) I do not suspect its a performance issue because when I do cause 
> performance issues I get a studder not a flicker and the whole game 
> slows up. While flickering the Node still moves smoothly through the 
> path.
> >
> > Currently the Node that I am using in this case is a Group with an 
> ImageView and an invisible Rectangle in it.  This Group is inside 
> another which is inside another Group which is inside the root Scene.
> >
> > Any ideas what could be causing the flickering?
> >
> > thanks
> > jose
> > 

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