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Sat Jun 2 01:52:39 PDT 2012


I believe there're no generic JVM settings for "best performance" Until you have perf. issues, I'd live with the default. 
If you want to do perf. tuning, it's application / environment dependent. Identify your bottleneck (network, i/o, memory, code etc.) and then try specific settings for that one. 
If you have big GC pauses, think about how much memory your app uses and if the heap is not too large, or what's the lifetime of objects in your app and adjust the generations in the heap accordingly.

Regards, Jiri

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Od: Jose Martinez <jmartine_1026 at>
Předmět: gc options for best JFX performance
Datum: 02.6.2012 07:36:54

I have tried the following GC modes but none of them get rid of the noticeable
'stop the world' delays.





Out of those my favorite so far is UseParNewGC.

I also use the following options.
--Xms150m -Xmx200m  -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=1  

Are there other options that you would recommend?  Has anyone come up with a
concoction of options that works best or a rule of thumb for configuring GC in
JFX applications?

If I cannot find a good set of options I will have to resort to calling
System.gc() at strategic intervals.

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