setting prism.dirtyopts in WebStart

Igor Nekrestyanov igor.nekrestyanov at
Wed Jun 6 21:05:47 PDT 2012

As it is not secure property you need to sign application.

For tests on specific system you can set property in the Java Control 
Panel or use environment variables:


On 6/6/12 8:44 PM, Jose Martinez wrote:
> Hello,
> Has it been confirmed that setting prism.dirtyopts to false via JNLP is possible?  Is there a way to check?
> In my tests it looks like it is not being set because I still see problems that went away by setting prism.dirtyopts to false in standalone mode.
>  From the JNLP syntax document it suggests that it is not possible. (scroll down to jvm-args attribute and property element) The java-vm-args attribute is restricted to the list of options in that link.  The "property" elements seems to be restricted also.
> thanks
> jose

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