Debugging a UI refresh problem (not dirtyopts related it seems)

John Hendrikx hjohn at
Tue Jun 12 21:16:48 PDT 2012

Hi List,

I'm having a problem that started when I upgraded from JavaFX 2.1 to 
2.2b11 -- I want to submit a bug report for it, but having trouble 
reproducing it outside my main code.

Basically, what is happening is that during navigation between different 
parts of the application, sometimes the screen is not being redrawn  
properly (for some background info, the screen in my app consists of a 
screen filling background picture, with on top of this a big list with 

Basically, what I'm seeing is this:

Step 1: StackPane with 2 children (background picture, and overlaid on 
top of that a List with names)
Step 2: StackPane with same background picture, but no controls over 
laid... (the background picture is doing a 5 second fade out/in 
animation because every screen has its own picture, so redrawing is 
happening a lot)

Now, if I press cursor up/down, then the list suddenly appears, which 
makes me think it is a redraw issue (this also means that the control 
had focus, but is not drawn).

In between the two steps a lot of code happens in my app, but the 
crucial part is that at some point the old List is removed (from step 1) 
and then replaced (in the same StackPane) with a new, different, List.  
No exceptions or anything else out of the ordinary happens, the new 
child is simply not drawn (or perhaps sized incorrectly, rendering it 
invisible -- or perhaps drawn in the wrong order appearing behind the BG 
picture (although it is the last child in the StackPane)).  As said, 
moving the cursor makes it appear -- and it did work with JavaFX 2.1.

Note that my Lists donot have any kind of "hover" highlighting effects 
or any other animations (unlike the standard JavaFX lists), so there's a 
good chance that if JavaFX did not decide to draw my List the first time 
when it was added to the StackPane that nothing will trigger it to be 
drawn until the cursor up/down happens...

Any ideas on how to best debug this?

I've already tried setting dirtyopts to false... anything else I can 
try?  It is fairly easy to reproduce in my app.

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