Confused about status of JFX+JRE cobundling

Daniel Zwolenski zonski at
Mon Jun 18 22:02:38 PDT 2012

Hey guys,

I'm a little confused about the status of JRE+JFX co-bundling at the
moment. In an earlier mail Michael Paus implied that
he tentatively believed JFX was now co-bundled in the JRE but I thought
this wasn't happening until Java8? Richard also confirmed that releases are
now in synch, which I assume a result of co-bundling as well.

When I install JDK-7u5 it installs JFX-2.1 but separate to the main JRE
install. i.e. the installer contains both packages but they are not
installed as a single runtime (which is what I would expect with

When I download and install JRE-7u5 it doesn't seem to contain any JFX
classes at all?

In the JRE that was extracted via Igor's Ensemble installer the JRE does
seem to include JFX in exactly the way I would expect it if it were
co-bundled (i.e. the jfxrt.jar and DLLs are all inside the JRE directory).

Can you guys clear up for me where we are officially at with the
co-bundling? Am I just being dumb and not seeing the JARs in my JRE
install, or has co-bundling not happened yet - if not, why not: can't the
JRE just have the JRE files in it the way Igor has done? Why would our
local development versions not have it combined when our deployed versions


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