Confused about status of JFX+JRE cobundling

Tadashi Ohmura omurata at
Tue Jun 19 00:43:12 PDT 2012

Thank you, Igor Nekrestyanov

I get helps for your comment.

I wondered that why not jfxrt.jar is out of classpath while JFX's DLLs 
are installed in jre/bin
I can get answer from you.

    Tadashi Ohmura

(2012/06/19 14:14), Igor Nekrestyanov wrote:
> short answer - try 7u6 (
> longer version:
>    * Staring 7u4 JDK for Mac included JavaFX SDK as "true" cobundle
>       (i.e. one where JavaFX files are part of same bundle and there 
> is no separate installer)
>    * Starting JRE/JDK 7u6 JavaFX will be shipped as true cobundle on 
> all platforms
>       (JavaFX platforms, i.e. no Solaris).
> And "true" cobundle means:
>    * there is one installer to install JRE
>    * it will installs set of core JRE and JavaFX files into the same 
> folder
>    * There will be one entry in the Program Files for JRE
>    * JavaFX files are subject to autoupdate as part of JRE installation
> (same is true for JDK and JavaFX SDK)
> Caveats:
>    * JavaFX is not official part of the Java platform yet (i.e. JavaFX 
> APIs are not part of Java specification).
>      This is what was planned to happen for Java 8
>    * In 7u6 JavaFX will not be automatically added to classpath 
> (neither for javac not java launcher).
>    * There still will be standalone JavaFX installer for JavaFX 2.2 - 
> it is only intended to be used with JRE 6 and only for windows.
>      No cobundle for Java 6.
> hope this helps,

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