Confused about status of JFX+JRE cobundling

Joe McGlynn joe.mcglynn at
Tue Jun 19 05:58:15 PDT 2012

> Am 19.06.12 09:37, schrieb Igor Nekrestyanov:
>> On 6/19/12 12:15 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>>> * the unbalanced decision to not provide SDK-Drops as zips makes
>>>   repackaging for different platforms complex
>> What other platforms you are referring to? Other Linux distros?
> No I'm talking about windows and mac. Say I'm a win32 user and want to
> package an application for users on mac and win32. How would you advise
> to do so?
> Answer: Buy a Mac because you don't get access to JavaFX jar and native
> libs without out it!

We understand this limitation, and it will be addressed as part of how JDKs are released in the future.  It's a problem for anyone building Java apps, not just FX apps.  There are two aspects to it I think:  First, being able to grab native or other platform specific bits to package with your app.  Second, being able to create platform-specific artifacts from another platform (eg. a .app bundle for Mac when building on Windows).  This spans not just operating systems, but chip architectures.

If you just need to grab the native libs for other platforms I suspect you could still do that from a single platform (.dmg readers, virtual machine, etc), although not having them as a zip download makes it a pain in the neck -- I get that.  Personally I'm looking for an excuse to buy the new 15" macbook with the retina display :)

>>> there is now a missmatch between those not wanting to install a JDK
>> update and use the JavaFX-SDK because native packaging with fx:deploy
>> task is not working for them.
>> What is the problem with having multiple versions of JDK on the system?
>> Unlike runtime these are fully independent ...
> JavaFX previews are shipped on a very regular base so now with the
> co-bundleing I'm downloading the whole JDK all the time although I'm
> only interested in the latest JavaFX.

FX preview releases are still available as zip files (  These won't be available for the GA product until we can resolve this as a general issue for the JDK.  

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