Confused about status of JFX+JRE cobundling

Igor Nekrestyanov igor.nekrestyanov at
Tue Jun 19 06:41:14 PDT 2012

And this is not much different what you do for Swing apps - these also 
need to be packaged specially to be doubleclickable.
For Swing you need manifest entry, for JavaFX few manifest entries + 
embedded java launcher (default launcher comes with bonus features -
helps to notify user if Java does not have JavaFX support and sets up a 
proxy if needed).

BTW, I am not arguing for not having JavaFX on classpath (in fact quite 
opposite :) ).
But at his point of time it seems unlikely this may happen in 7u6.


On 6/19/12 5:51 AM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> Right. This is no different from the workflow you would use today. 
> Starting with 7u6 you can count on JavaFX being there on Windows, 
> Linux, and Mac, but you still need to use the ant tasks in 
> jdk7u6/lib/ant-javafx.jar or the pacakger in 
> jdk7u6/bin/javafxpackager. Netbeans 7.2 is configured to use the ant 
> tasks for JavaFX projects. You can set up Eclipse and other IDEs to do 
> this as well.
> -- Kevin
> Joe McGlynn wrote:
>> If you use the supplied ant task or packager tool you can produce 
>> double-clickable jars.
>>> It effectively makes it impossible to distribute JavaFX apps as 
>>> executable jars. Not a big deal, but it's something that works for 
>>> Swing apps, so it would be quite expected to have the same model for 
>>> FX...

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