Confused about status of JFX+JRE cobundling

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>> Am 19.06.12 09:37, schrieb Igor Nekrestyanov:
>>> On 6/19/12 12:15 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:
>>>> * the unbalanced decision to not provide SDK-Drops as zips makes
>>>>  repackaging for different platforms complex
>>> What other platforms you are referring to? Other Linux distros?
>> No I'm talking about windows and mac. Say I'm a win32 user and want to
>> package an application for users on mac and win32. How would you advise
>> to do so?
>> Answer: Buy a Mac because you don't get access to JavaFX jar and native
>> libs without out it!
> We understand this limitation, and it will be addressed as part of how JDKs are released in the future.  It's a problem for anyone building Java apps, not just FX apps.  There are two aspects to it I think:  First, being able to grab native or other platform specific bits to package with your app.  Second, being able to create platform-specific artifacts from another platform (eg. a .app bundle for Mac when building on Windows).  This spans not just operating systems, but chip architectures.

Jumping in here… We aren't doing it yet, but there are plans to make a download available with JREs that both FxPackager and the appbundler project can use to create an application on any platform. As both of these tools expand to support other platforms, that JRE archive will expand to include additional redistributable JREs.

Tom, I'm sure you are familiar with the Eclipse platform packs that contain things like SWTs for all platforms, Equinox launchers, and so on. It's the same idea applied to JREs.

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