Region PickOnBounds default setting

Richard Bair richard.bair at
Wed Jun 20 13:08:26 PDT 2012

>>> As such, I don't think it needs to be a default attribute now that it's in place the other way round but I do think it needs to be clear and intuitive how to deal with it.
>> I'm really sad that we've let this go that far, it could have been fixed before our first release. If the decision comes that it's too late by now, the way how to deal with it will be clear (setPickOnBounds(false)), but I doubt it is (and could be) intuitive.
> For me the current default behavior seems intuitive: the pane is clickable for whatever area it takes up. I get the feeling I might be missing something here though as it is obviously a concern for some people. Sorry if I have misunderstood. 
> For me the only problem with the current approach is that in some cases I'd like a pane used purely for layout (anchor pane as top layer of a StackPane is a prime candidate) to not catch mouse clicks but the children on it still should. Calling setPickOnBounds(false) and setShape(null) to do this is not intuitive to me but I'm glad I now know its possible as I've struggled with this before (and possibly raised a bug, will have to check). 

You shouldn't have to setShape(null), just setPickOnBounds(false)?


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