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Fri Jun 22 05:08:16 PDT 2012

I see.
Is there a way how to query a Node for its set of JavaFX properties then?

Thanks, Jiri

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Předmět: Re: How does getProperties() method work?
Datum: 22.6.2012 14:02:42

Node.getProperties returns an ObservableMap which you then can use to 
store any information you want.  It is similar to 
getUserData/setUserData which actually store the user data in the same map.
It has nothing to do with JavaFX properties of a node.

We should probably improve the documentation of this method, the current 
javadoc doesn't seem to clarify this.


On 6/22/2012 1:14 PM, goddard at wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to query a Rectangle for its properties with getProperties() method,
but it always returns empty Map (no elements, zero size).
> For example, I've got a Rectangle defined like this:
> Rectangle red = RectangleBuilder.create()
>                  .x(100).y(100)
>                  .width(100).height(100)
>                  .fill(Color.RED)
>                  .rotate(45)
>                  .build();
> Regards, Jiri

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