Reporting javafx bugs while working on commercial app

John Hendrikx hjohn at
Mon Jun 25 12:43:52 PDT 2012

I think you expect too much.  Reduce your bug to a simple test program 
like everybody else is doing, and post that.  This saves time for the 
JFX developers which they'll need to actually get bugs fixed.  Remote 
debugging some big commercial app should be a last resort -- chances are 
it is not even a JFX bug.

On 25/06/2012 20:40, Pedro Duque Vieira wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a problem reporting javafx bugs, the problem is I'm working on a
> commercial app so I can't post the code out to the public on Jira. Is there
> a way for me to post my code to the javafx team and be certain it will
> remain private and won't be re-used by anyone?
> Recently I posted a bug on jira but the small code snipped I posted didn't
> seem to trigger the bug. I suggested to the javafx developer that I could
> send him the jar file and he could remote debug the app, I also asked what
> else could I do, but after that I got no answer back and the bug was simply
> closed. The point is, is there some other way/procedure to report a bug
> when dealing with commercial apps?
> Thanks, best regards,

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