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Jose Martinez jmartine_1026 at
Wed Jun 27 07:15:27 PDT 2012

The height and width properties on Stage and Window are read only.


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Setting those properties should work.

On 27.6.2012 13:48, Jose Martinez wrote:

>That worked great!  Thanks a lot.
>Is there are a way to change the window size from within the app?
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>Window has width and height properties, you can register
            listeners to them.
>With regards,
>On 27.6.2012 3:15, Jose Martinez wrote:
>> hello,
>> I would like to support resizing of my app.  I imagine
            there are two ways this could be done.
>> 1)  Free flow resizing.  Users just change the window
            to their desired size.  The app's root Parent will scale
            accordingly to fill in the new window size.  To support this
            I would need to be notified that the window size has changed
            and have access to the new window dimensions.  From looking
            at the Stage and Window classes I do not see any way to
            register a call back on window resize.  Is there a way to
            accomplish this?
>> 2)  From within the app user selects the window size
            they want.  This is less ideal but acceptable.  I did some
            tests and was happy with the performance of the scaled root
            Parent, but did see flickering and objects disappear (I am
            not too concerned about this yet because I was doing live
            scaling changes, versus through an options section from the
            title screen).  The problem that I did have was that I was
            not able to change the window size.  I tried using
            Stage.setHeight/setWidth and Stage.sizeToScene, but the
            window remained unchanged.  I would first create a new Scene
            that matched the new dimensions, update my Stage with the
            new Scene, then change the dimensions of Stage.  Is there a
            way to change the window size from within the app?
>>      private static void resize() {
>>          if (scaleFactor > 0) {
>>              Scale scale =
            ScaleBuilder.create().pivotX(0).pivotY(0).x(1 + .1 *
            scaleFactor).y(1 + .1 * scaleFactor).build();
>>              root.getTransforms().setAll(scale);
>>          } else {
>>              root.getTransforms().clear();
>>          }
>>          scene = new Scene(root, WIDTH * (1 +
            scaleFactor * 100), HEIGHT * (1 + scaleFactor * 64));
>>          stage.setScene(scene);
>>          stage.sizeToScene();
>> //state.setHeight(scene.getHeight());
>> //state.setWidth(scene.getWidth());
>>      }
>> thanks
>> jose

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