[REVIEW REQUEST] Add text property to ComboBox

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Thu Mar 15 01:25:59 PDT 2012

> I would argue that you really should be talking about keyboard and gestures - not text and gestures.

Text is the result of typing a finger on a keyboard, a gesture is the result of moving a finger over the screen. Keyboard would be at the same level as screen. Also, speech recognition does not result in keyboard, but in text. Both keyboard and speech have text as the end result. So I think text and gestures are the correct terms.

> But that aside, you really are assuming having the editor to be a text component of some sort. For entering color I may, for example have a container with three text fields (RGB). Can I not do so?

I put forward that text will very often be a common input method, so support for it should be added at a low level. But you do have a good point; multiple text fields...


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