[REVIEW REQUEST] Add text property to ComboBox

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Thu Mar 15 01:45:54 PDT 2012

> Or sliders (RGB for a color, again). Or ... anything.
> Why not?
> Since ComboBox has a type parameter, I would expect to be able to provide whatever editor suits better to the encapsulated type.
> As a consequence, an edited value - a value in the editor - may not be representable by String. Hence, again, <code>T editedValue;</code>.
> That was my point, yes.

You're missing the point. Yes, of course a value can be entered without text. And yes, for that there should be (and I think there already is) an event. Jonathan's point is to have an event only on text entry and BEFORE the text has been parsed into a value.


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