[REVIEW REQUEST] Add text property to ComboBox

Jerome Cambon jerome.cambon at oracle.com
Fri Mar 16 01:33:26 PDT 2012

On 3/15/12 8:42 PM, Jonathan Giles wrote:
> On 16/03/2012 2:32 a.m., Jerome Cambon wrote:
>> Exposing TextInputControl is exactly what we need. At least it is the 
>> purpose of the Jira which is the base of this discussion.
>> We have concrete requirements in Scene Builder for this.
>> Our use case is the following :
>> - we have a set of editable ComboBox in a VBox, with initial values set
>> - for convenience, once modified, we directly type TAB to go to the 
>> next ComboBox
>> - its value is selected so that we can directly enter the new value 
>> without having to remove the old one
>> This seems to be a very common use case...
> I can see the point of exposing the TextField, but as with others in 
> this thread, it does leave me feeling uncomfortable. My inclination is 
> to provide the desired API directly on ComboBox.

I agree to not expose TextField. I'm speaking about TextInputControl here.
What do you mean by "the desired API" ?


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