Javafx embedded in swing multithreaded toolkit issue

Pedro Duque Vieira pedro.duquevieira at
Tue Mar 20 19:17:18 PDT 2012


I've been working for a while on a swing app that has a javafx scene
embedded on it.

So in this scenario we have two UI threads, one for the swing part and one
for the javafx scene (the application thread).
This situation creates a multithreaded ui toolkit which is basically a
nightmare for development.

I don't know if this is possible but it I think it would be best to merge
the swing and the javafx application thread into one when on this scenario.

One other possible solution that comes to my mind  and also a much simpler
and quicker one is to add a Platform.invokeAndWait(like what exists on
swing) alongside the Platform.runLater to the javafx API.
And each time I want to invoke something on the javafx App thread from the
swing ui thread I call invokeAndWait instead of runLater. So effectively
the two UI threads become only one, because they are not running
concurrently but sequentially instead.

Pedro Duque Vieira

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