Arc shape

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Wed May 2 05:26:29 PDT 2012


I've got this constructor for an arc:

Arc a = new Arc(100f, 100f, 50f, 50f, 0f, 120f); //cX, cY, rX, rY, angle,

That produces the visual output you can see in the attached screenshot.
My questions are:
- if the 0 degree starts at X axis, then why?
- if an arc is extended counter-clockwise, then why?

Does it ignore the startAngle completely?

Arc a2 = new Arc(200f, 100f, 50f, 50f, 120f, 240f); //produces an arc of length 240, instead of 120?

There're other things/properties that are designed to use the clockwise system
(top, right, bottom, left) in JavaFX, therefore this makes a programmer to
"switch" between these two concepts, in addition to all the other things one
must remember.
I think we had similar discussion during JavaFX 1.2 or 1.3 development...

Regards, Jiri

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