API review request for RT-18980

Richard Bair richard.bair at oracle.com
Thu May 3 11:51:28 PDT 2012

>> 	- What if we call it WebHistory? I've been thinking we might add a "History" class at the app framework level at some point such that your app can have navigation history as well, so it would be nice to avoid a potential name class. Since we have WebView&  WebEngine already, WebHistory seems appropriate.
> Am I right, that you're talking about _another_ History class that you're planning to add to public API? (If so, I'm just curious what kind of history it's to present?)
> Anyway, WebHistory name is fine for sure.

Ya, and not necessarily something to be added in the near future (pending app framework discussions). See JFXFlow and Ensemble for examples. In these cases the application is built of "pages" -- although not HTML pages the concept is the same. You can also have history in Ensemble and hit back / forward buttons. So it isn't about navigating from one web page to another, but from one "screen" or page in your application to another.

> So, I'll make the API conform to FX concepts according to your suggestions.

Sounds good! Can you just post another message with the updated API when it is completed?


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